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RB Vid: Field of Serpents & New Mic!

RB Vid: Field of Serpents & New Mic!

It’s been a while since I have posted an Amberian Dawn video. As you may recall, I have complained a lot about having issues with recording videos in Rock Band from this artist. Any time I try to sing lyrically my notes are so high and loud that there is a horrible crackle and popping … Continue reading

Rock Band Red Hot Chili Peppers DLC

Another long absence from my blog, yes I’m guilty! In all honesty, I actually was out of the country for a while. The main reason however for the lack of Rock Band videos is that I’m having issues recording. There’s been SO MANY Amberian Dawn releases on the Rock Band Network and I’ve purchased all … Continue reading

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes & Videos!

You know the Rhythm Gaming community gets a lot of crap recently about how they are “ruining the game” or “take everything too seriously” etc. Honestly it really depends on what part of the “community” you are looking at. If you focus on the noisy troll-y bunch, or the “in your face” ones, this might … Continue reading